Not a Suitcase

If it looks like a suitcase, rolls like a suitcase, and stores things like a suitcase, it must be a suitcase...unless it's a HENK.  The genesis of this innovative suit- er, "personal carrier" came in the dead of winter, after Dutchman Henk van de Meene was forced to drag his luggage through a snowy New York City.  He designed his personal carrier and with the help of frog design, perfected his creation.  The HENK is remarkably strong and has a carbon-fiber exterior similar to the cockpit of a Formula 1 racecar.  It has far too many features to be listed here, but they include wheels and storage spaces that appear at the push of a button, a special briefcase compartment, and an anti-theft cable that you can attach to your person (because who needs the headache of having their $33,000 piece of luggage stolen?).

The limited edition HENK with purple leather interior shown here is available exclusively at only five were created.  Finally, something worthy of holding my dirty t-shirts, toiletries and complimentary hotel towels as I return from vacation.  Those towels (and glasses, hangers and ice buckets) are complimentary, right?

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